Lightarian ™ Courses

The Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation (LIGHT) in Sedona, Arizona began to offer training in its Lightarian modalities in the late 1990’s. RCGW has been offering training in them since 2005.

There are three possible paths in this training:

You may take a Lightarian Reiki  training after doing any Master class. If you take Lightarian before you have done Karuna Reiki (R), you need to receive a “Buddhic Boost” attunement before beginning your training to get you to the Karuna Reiki level energetically. Lightarian Reiki is taught in four classes (levels I-II, level III, level IV, and levels V-VI). Each class is taught in one hour hour segments that include an attunement, a manual, and a question and answer period. We then have you practice the attunement and use the energy in a healing. (Logo and name are registered trademarks of Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation).

  • At levels I-II, you are connected to the Ascended Master Buddha and can use his healing presence in your healings.
  • At level III, you are connected to Gaia and deepen your connection to Ascended Master Buddha and can use them both in your healings.
  • At level IV, you are connected to the Godhead and deepen your connection to Ascended Master Buddha and can use them to make a healing dome over your healings.
  • At levels V-VI you are connected to Ascended Master Sananda and deepen your conection to Ascended Buddha and can use the healing presences Ascended Masters Buddha and Sananda, as well as Gaia and the Godhead to create a healing chamber into which you can bring your clients or students.

You may also take Lightarian Rays (TM) trainings with RCGW. The Lightarian Rays make connections with a variety of ascended masters for the purpose of personal transformation. Each attunement takes between ninety minutes and two hours. The Rays are the Yang or masculine personal development pathway, one which helps you in your work in the world.

  • The Lightarian Empowerment Ray connects you with Ascended Master Maitreya. It is the first Ray that is done and provides an introduction to the Lightarian Ray system. Its theme is Empowering you to do what you need to do.
  • The Lightarian Clearing Ray connects you with Ascended Master Maitreya. Its theme is to clear and restructure your chakra system to eliminate the layers that separate you from the Prime Creator (or God).
  • The Lightarian Healing Ray connects you with Ascended Master Buddha. Its theme is to bring healing and balance to your life physically, emotionally, and mentally.
  • The Lightarian Activation Ray connects you with Ascended Master Sananda. Its theme is to bring a purification to your field and to activate your energy so that it can be at its most effective.
  • The Lightarian Manifestation Ray connects you with Ascended Master St. Germaine. Its theme is courage. It seeks to help you bring into your life what you have been afraid to accomplish.
  • After the five beginning rays are completed, the Rays are joined through a capstone attunement called the Source Ray. The Source Ray connects you with the Source of our Universe and lets you invite all ascended masters to be a part of your healing journey.

The last Lightarian modality that you may study is the Lightarian AngelLinks (TM) . This is the feminine or yin energy modality that helps you with your personal relationship with yourself at a soul level. There are five AngelLink attunements, beginning with Seraph Rose Aura and then continuing in any order with Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Raphael, and Archangel Gabriel. Each session takes between sixty and ninety minutes.

  • The Lightarian Seraph Rose AngelLink connects you with Seraph Rose Aura and focuses on igniting the purest “flame” of unconditional, angelic love in your heart space. It will serve as your initial introduction to the angelic energies in preparation for the unique and more focused traits connected with in the remaining AngelLinks.
  • The Lightarian Michael AngelLink connects you with Archangel Michael and focuses on the primary theme of Love. Secondary themes that Michael has added as part of this AngelLink are to bring the highest vibrational energies of non-judgement to humanity and angelic guidance to assist you in successfully “navigating” within the etheric realms. This support will stimulate and encourage you regarding your possible interests in telephathy, channeling and conscious travel into the etheric realms.
  • The Lightarian Gabriel AngelLink connects you with Archangel Gabriel and focuses on the primary theme of Angelic Joy. A secondary theme that he also assists with is improving communications. He helps you be in a place of joy while at the same time communicating more effectively and more lovingly, guiding you to speak more from your heart rather than from the mind or the emotions. He will help you to tap into and begin to trust your own “divine inner communicator” and stimulate an expansion of your inner knowing and intuition.
  • The Lightarian Raphael AngelLink connects you with the primary theme of Courage and acts as a leader to help light your way and a divine healer to help you in healing yourself and others. In his assistance with this healing, Raphael helps you return to a natural balance in all areas of your life.
  • The Lightarian Uriel AngelLink connects you with Archangel Uriel and focuses on the primary theme of Beauty. This theme assists you in appreciating the circumstances in your life and in creative expression of your talents to create a new sense of beauty around you. This allows us to more clearly see all the beauty that already exists around us. Through the heightening of your senses of angelic openness, patience, acceptance, and receptivity, your existing life conditions, including your sense of Self will be experienced in fresh new ways.

Lightarian training is by appointment. To register online, click here.