Intuitive Development

RCGW has developed courses in intuitive development as a result of the expanded intuition given by the modalities that we teach: Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy ® and Shamanic Healing. Our intuitive development courses do not require any previous training.

Intuitive Development I

This is a six-hour workshop with no prerequisites. Tuition is $190.

In this workshop, Reiki Master and Medium David Gleekel offers the opportunity to explore your inner senses in a way different from what is done in a healing class.

We will explore the nature of intuition and then expand into the various types of intuition, exploring and using exercises to launch us into deeper learning of the following types of intuition:

Clairsentience – the intuitive sense of touch.

Clairempathy  – feeling what others feel in a corresponding part of your body.

Clairtangency – picking up information about someone from objects holding their energy.

Claircognizance – the Intuitive sense of knowing.

Clairaudience – the Intuitive sense of hearing

Clairvoyance – the Intuitive sense of seeing.

Clairallience –  the Intuitive sense of smelling.

Clairgustance – the Intuitive sense of tasting.

Intuitive Development II

This is a six-hour workshop. Prerequisite: Intuitive Development I. Tuition is $190.

Reviewing the types of intuition

Creating a safe space with prayer, intention and a joy guide.

Scanning with the eyes and heart with clairsentience.

Psychometry exercise with clairtangency.

Connecting to ancestors with clairvoyance.

Beginning to channel with clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairvoyance.