The Reiki Center of Greater Washington, the full-time professional practice of David L. Gleekel, Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, is an educational and healing organization which seeks to support the healing of its community in the Washington, DC metro area through healing sessions and events, classes, shares, clinics, drumming circles, workshops, retreats, and speakers, and donations to community not-for-profit organizations. Our Internship Program is our way of expanding on these.

We also offer our community many ways to get involved. Clients can become students or RCGW members. RCGW Students can become Intern Practitioners at the Center and see clients themselves. Experienced students can join the practice as one of our staff, or, if they prefer, rent space at reasonable rates.

RCGW’s Internship Program was established to give RCGW students a way to begin a professional practice with the safety net of an established organization to help with promotion, equipment, and space. Interns are independent contractors, but are promoted as members-in-training of the RCGW staff.


To apply for the RCGW Internship program, the prospective Intern should have all of the following completed:

1. RCGW Certification in Usui Reiki I and Usui Reiki II.
2. RCGW Certification in one additional RCGW course of at least eight hours.
3. A minimum of 60 documented session hours (to be supplied with the application).
4. Selection of a minimum of eight hours and a maximum of 20 hours each week to be available to do sessions, based on client demand.
5. Current Membership in the International Association of Reiki Professionals or another approved national bodywork or energywork association.
6. Current liability insurance for Reiki or healing practice.
7. A current job and training resume.
8. Current identification and proof of citizenship or legal residency.

Acceptance as an Intern is not guaranteed. It is dependent on RCGW having sufficient space available, a match between the schedule of the practitioner and RCGW, and a personal interview.

Accepted Interns may practice as Interns at RCGW for a maximum of 24 months after which they may be offered invitations to join the staff as practitioners. Acceptance in the Internship program does not guarantee a spot on the staff. This is dependent on successful completion of the internship, positive client and staff reviews, and available space.

Internship Program Policies

  • Clients not being able to keep their appointments must notify RCGW 24 hours in advance to change them. If they do not keep their appointment for any reason other than an emergency, they will owe 100% of the cost of the session missed to RCGW.
  • Practitioners must check their electronic schedules daily and are responsible for notifying RCGW and the client at least 24 hours ahead of time of any changes. If the Intern practitioner does not show up for their booked session time, the Intern will owe $20 for each hour booked.
  • Practitioners must schedule their room times in the central scheduler.
  • All RCGW session payments are non-refundable, but may be applied to another RCGW class or service within one year of the original class. To transfer your registration to another class, there must be space available and you must let us know at least one week in advance.
  • By attending any RCGW event, any student attending or assisting agrees that he or she will respect the personal rights and privacy of each attendee or instructor. Anyone not doing so will be asked to leave without reimbursement of any tuitions paid and will owe and pay any remaining funds through the time attended.
  • RCGW will not disclose any information revealed in any healing event, class, or session to anyone that has not been authorized in writing by the owner of the information or their legally-designated representative.
  • RCGW will attempt reasonable accommodation for anyone reporting a disability at least two weeks in advance of any scheduled event or class.
  • Intern Practitioners will be paid biweekly for sessions as of the week before. Practitioners will provide a completed timesheet of all sessions in the previous two weeks on alternate Fridays and will receive payment the following Friday.