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"Reconnecting to and Becoming our Visions,
an RCGW Retreat"
Sunday, January 30, 2011

In this retreat, we used exercises from Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy (R) and Shamanic Healing to connect to our Intuition, Source, and Guidance to assist us in walking forward into the coming year filled with Light.


10-11 AM - Opening
11 AM-12:00 N - Hatsureiho Meditation from Gendai Reiki
12-12:10 PM - Break
12:10 N - 1:00 PM - Integrated Energy Therapy Heartwave Partnering Exercise
1-2 PM - LUNCH
2-3:30 PM - Finding our Totems, A Shamanic Journey
3:30-3:40 PM - Break
3:40-5 PM - Building a Reiki Crystal Grid for Our Desires
5-5:30 PM - Closing


"Walking the Reiki Path in Gratefulness"
Third Annual Greater Washington Reiki Conference, Friday, September 7 to Sunday, September 9, 2007

For our third year, the Reiki Center of Greater Washington presents our annual conference, this year to be held at our center in Gaithersburg, Maryland at 9059 Shady Grove Court.

This year, our speakers and topics are as follows:

Amy Rowland, author of "Traditional Reiki for our Times" and "Intuitive Reiki for our Times" on Using Reiki Intuitively and Walking the Spiritual Path of Reiki
Mari Hall, author of "Practical Reiki", "Reiki for the Soul, the 11th doorway" and many other Reiki books with techniques to support your practice of Reiki.
David Gleekel , Director of RCGW on "Developing Your Reiki Practice using spiritual marketing tools" and "Using Sound in Reiki Healing"
Dr. Adrienne Clamp on Using the Chinese Medicine Five Elements in Reiki Sessions
Ridgely duPont on Qi Gong


Cost includes all speakers and light breakfast on Saturday and Sunday.

Conference Outline

7pm - Opening, David Gleekel & Speakers
-Channeled Greeting by
Reiki Guides Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, and Hawayo Takata
8pm - Reiju (Attunement for the Group)
9pm - Earth Healing Meditation

9-10am - Chi Gung with Ridgely duPont
10am-12noon - Meditation with Mari Hall and Reiki Exchange (Open to RCGW Community)

12noon-1pm - Lunch Break on Your Own

1-3:30pm - Using Intuition with Reiki - Amy Rowland
3:45-5:45pm - Developing Your Reiki Practice using Spiritual Marketing Tools- David Gleekel
6-7pm - Yogic Trance Dancing - Ridgely duPont

7-8pm - Dinner Break on Your Own

8-9pm - Using Sound in Reiki Healing - David Gleekel
9pm - Closing for the Evening

9-10am - Chi Gung with Ridgely duPont
10am-12noon - Using the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine with Reiki - Dr. Adrienne Clamp

12noon-1pm - Lunch Break on Your Own

1-3pm - What does Walking the Spiritual Path in Gratefulness mean? - Amy Rowland and other Speakers

3-5pm - Listening to the Body Talk to us & helping it balance - techniques to assist your Reiki - Mari Hall

5pm - Closing the Conference


"Reiki for the World"...The Second Annual Greater Washington Reiki Conference, June 23-25, 2006

For our second year, the Reiki Center of Greater Washington is proud to present the Greater Washington Reiki Conference.

This year, it will be held at the Rising Phoenix Retreat Center in Flintstone, Maryland, about 100 miles from the Greater Washington, DC metro area in the beautiful Catoctin Mountains of western Maryland. The retreat will go from Friday evening, June 23 till the afternoon of Sunday, June 25 and will include meals from breakfast Saturday, June 24 till lunch Sunday, June 25.

Cost for the retreat is $425, if prepaid by April 24 or $450 thereafter. To register, please click on the Register screen above. Payment may be made by check, money order, or credit card via Paypal.com.

Our speakers are healers from around the United States:

  • Mari Hall returns from our conference last year. She is the author of Practical Reiki, among other Reiki books, and is the founder of the International Reiki Association. Her website is http://www.wisechoices.com.
  • Amy Rowland is the author of Traditional Reiki for our Times and the upcoming Reiki and Intuition. She is a Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Master, as well as a Usui Reiki Ryoho Shinpiden. Her website is http://www.traditionalreiki.com.
  • Dr. Adrienne Clamp is a medical doctor and medical accupuncturist and Reiki II practitioner. She will be doing her Reiki Master training immediately preceding our workshop.
  • Carolyn Musial is a Usui/Tibetan and Karuna (R) Reiki Master and animal communicator. Her website is http://www.reikicare.com.
  • David Gleekel is an Usui Reiki, Karuna (R) Reiki, Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki and Lightarian (TM) Reiki Master and Usui Reiki Ryoho Shinpiden and Director of the Reiki Center of Greater Washington.
  • Ridgely du Pont is a Reiki Master, Chi Gung Master and Registered Nurse. She practices in Rockville, Maryland.

Day One

Registration – 3pm-6pm

  • Session #1 - Opening Session – 7pm-8pm – “Calling the Reiki Guides”
  • Session #2 - 8pm-10pm – Reiki Exchange

Day Two

Breakfast – 8-9am

  • Session #3 – 9-9:50am – Chi Gung with Ridgely duPont
  • Session #4 – 10-11:20am – Welcome, Opening Meditation – Gassho – David Gleekel and Speakers
  • Break – 11:20-11:30am
  • Session #5 – 11:30am-1pm –- Mentoring the Reiki Community: Past, Present and Future – Mari Hall

Lunch – 1-2pm

  • Session #6 – 2-3:20pm – Reiki Drumming Technique – David Gleekel
    Break – 3:20-3:30pm
  • Session #7 – 3:30-5pm – Japanese Reiki Techniques – Amy Rowland
    Break till Dinner

Dinner – 6-7pm

  • Session #8 – 7-8:30pm - Reiki and Animal Communication – Carolyn Musial
  • Session #9 – 8:30-10:30pm – Reiki Exchange
  • Session #10 – 10:30pm-? – Reiki Dancing

Day Three

Breakfast – 8-9am

  • Session #11 – 9-9:50am – Chi Gung with Ridgely Dupont
  • Session #12 – 9:50am-11:20am – Intro to Chinese Medicine – Dr. Adrienne Clamp
  • Break – 11:20-11:30am
  • Session #13– 11:30-1pm – Reiki and Intuition – Amy Rowland

Lunch – 1-2pm

  • Session #14 – 2-3pm - Closing


"Healing Ourselves, Healing the World," Greater Washington Reiki Conference Saturday, July 30 and Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area is home to hundreds of Reiki Practitioners, many of whom attend Reiki Shares and Clinics at The Reiki Center of Greater Washington and other Reiki Centers throughout the area. The Greater Washington Reiki Conference creates a place for all those healers to learn, share, and join their common energies.

We invited all Reiki practitioners, whatever their tradition, to come and experience the joined energies of a large network of healers, international speakers, and a safe space to learn and expand their healing abilities. Our conference will be held at the Bauer Drive Community Center at the intersection of Route 28 and Bauer Drive in Rockville, Maryland.

We have chosen two internationally-renowned speakers to join us for the conference:

  • Diane Ruth Shewmaker is a gifted and internationally known spiritual counselor, psychotherapist, teacher, healer, author and radio guest. She teaches several energy healing systems including SKHM, Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki, Traditional Reiki, Karuna, Lightarian Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy, and Blue Star Celestial. She is a certified practitioner of Heart and Soul Healing, and an Angel Therapy Practitioner. She is the author of the book All Love: A Guidebook for Healing with Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki and SKHM and is a regular contributor to the Reiki News Magazine. She is based in Olympia, Washington and provides attunements and healing sessions both in person and from a distance. Her website is at http://www.CelestialWellspring.com.

In her talk on Day 1 (Saturday, July 30),Diane Ruth Shewmaker introduced us to the IET healing archangels and some IET techniques to facilitate your personal healing. On Day 2 (Sunday, July 31), Diane will give a full-day Basic IET Workshop that will incorporate use of angelic heartlinks, how to locate the energy integration power points using the IET Cellular Memory Map and energizing and integrating cellular memory blocks for in person and distance sessions. You will also receive an attunement to the IET violet ray that will open the 1st (physical) and 2nd (emotional) pair of your 12-Strand Spiritual DNA. For more information on IET, go to www.celestialwellspring.com/iet.html.

  • Mari Hall has a Ph.D in Education in Social Services and a Ph.D. in Theology. She is the founder and director of the International Association of Reiki previously based in Europe and now based in Texas. She is the author of the best-selling books Practical Reiki, Reiki for Common Ailments, Reiki for the Soul, and Reiki and is the facilitator of the 21-day Virtual Usui Retreat held semi-yearly. Mari teaches Reiki and self-development courses in Europe, Asia, the Pacific and the USA. She currently is introducing her new energy work ONE as a means to integrate more spiritual essence into our physical bodies thus becoming clearer instruments for peace in our world. She is a co-author for the book Heart of the New Healer. Her website is at: http://www.wisechoices.com.

On Day 1 (Saturday, July 30) of the conference, Mari will speak about Body Molding.

Body Molding is a unique technique devised by Mari that she has used with clients in her clinical practice. As a group we will discuss how our emotional basis can "pull" us out of physical alignment and in a hands on approach during this time we will learn how to apply Reiki in a particular way to enable the body/mind to remember its original state of being. You will be able to feel and see how the body relaxes into its normal healthy state. Body Molding ia a perfect tool to use in your practice of Reiki.

On Day 2 (Sunday, July 31) of the conference, Mari will teach a course in her new modality ONE and will attune students attending into the ONE energy.

ONE is a highly concentrated full spectrum light energy that is transferred through 27 specific touchpoints of the body using our fingertips to bring greater harmony on all levels of our being. The ONE course includes meditation, movement, an initiation, the introduction to the 27 touchpoints and practice both on ourselves and others. In a ONE initiation our subtle energy system clears and releases denser energy so that we are capable of transmitting a very high frequency of healing light at will and for extended periods of time.

ONE is not an extended system of Reiki, however it supports those of us using Reiki or other energy therapies to expand our own process of positive change. It enables us to be clearer channels for our work, whatever that may be.

By using ONE daily we find ourselves free from stress, are relaxed, open for healing and as a result our senses are more acute.. We have reconnected to our birthright of innerpeace.

You will receive an extensive manual and certification from International Association of Reiki.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear both speakers on Day 1 and, if desired, will be able to select one of them for a full-day workshop on Day 2. We also have a limited number of spaces for those who would like to attend one of the classes on Day 2 ONLY. There will also be opportunities for attendees to make appointments for sixty minute sessions with either Diane or Mari the day following the conference, Monday, August 1 at the Reiki Center of Greater Washington offices in Gaithersburg, Maryland.


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