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Shamanic Reiki is a modality that combines non-traditional Reiki energies with Shamanic techniques from around the globe. We incorporate techniques from the Maya of Guatemala, the Inca, the Shuar of Siberia, and Tibetan Shamans. This system is based on the work of Llyn Cedar Roberts. RCGW offers the introductory levels of the system. For more information on Master/Practitioner and Teacher levels please see www.shamanicreikiworldwide.com.

Cost for the 14-hour workshops is $265, paid one month in advance or $295, thereafter. The 6-hour Shamanic Day of healing is $165, paid one month in advance or $195 thereafter. Please click here to register for this class.

Shamanic Reiki I

Prerequisite: None. In this 14-hour workshop, taught from a Friday evening through Sunday evening, facilitator David Gleekel introduces several concepts of Shamanic Healing and provides a Level One attunement for all students. Students learn to work with the four elements, their shamanic guides, the reiki energy spiral, sensing and working with sound in healing. Be prepared to heal and be healed. Register>>

Shamanic Reiki II

Prerequisite: Shamanic Reiki I. In this 14-hour workshop, usually taught from a Friday evening through Sunday evening, facilitator David Gleekel takes the techniques used in Shamanic Reiki I and deepens them with the concepts of Shapeshifting, the Reiki Healing symbols and Distant Healing and uses them to do a number of healings for members of the workshop with the participation of the group. Each workshop session will involve several healings and journeywork, connection to our Guides, and using a variety of natural objects in healing.

Crystal Healing II

Shamanic Reiki Day of Healing

Prerequisite: None.. In this six-hour workshop, facilitator David Gleekel creates a Shamanic Reiki retreat for participants that uses some of the techniques from Shamanic Reiki for the healing of the participants.




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